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Provider Set-up

Millions of dollars a year can be lost when new providers join a practice and are set up incorrectly with dental plans. Whether in or out of network, there are certain steps to follow to get paid quickly and accurately. Most dental plans provide up to a year to file unpaid claims, but as the insurance game changes, you will find some are changing their policies to be only up to 90 days. Time is limited. Do you know where your practice stands?

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Treatment Planning

Forgetting to charge out just one periapical x-ray each day can be a lost revenue of up $10,000 per year. Treatment plan entry is no exception to the potential loss of revenue. Coaching and guiding your team on the “what”, “why”, and “how” are imperative for an increase in production.

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Attrition is inevitable but it can be contained and less traumatic for you and your practice. Returning patients set the foundation for a healthy practice and the hygiene schedule fuels about 80% of the treatment on your books. Automated reminders have become the norm but it doesn’t mean your patients are receiving or even acknowledging them. Approximately 80% of emails go unopened. What is your recare (recall) protocol and how does your hygiene schedule look? 

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As we focus on positive patient interactions within the practice, it will naturally lead to external marketing for potential new patients. A practice can be built with great patients if it’s done with intention and strategy.  You can create a patient base you enjoy with referrals and focus on strong relationships that enhance friendships, family atmosphere, and value. To learn more about how we can utilize your current patients to build your practice, call today. 

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A/R and Insurance

In this complex area of any healthcare field, learning on the job isn’t something you can afford. 

Verification and investigation of insurance benefits affects collections, treatment planning, accounts receivable and most importantly, your patients. With all the changes in healthcare, dental insurance has increased in complications.  We will work together with your administrative team to fully and confidently understand the inner workings of insurance to manage accounts receivable and timely claim payment. 

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Case Presentation

We want patients to understand, feel comfortable and confident in their proposed treatment.  If one of these is lacking, they very well may not schedule.  How do you ensure your dental team is presenting treatment plans with understanding in your absence?  Successful case acceptance relies on the knowledge, compassion and flexibility your practice provides. Not only could finances be a weighing factor to not schedule, delivery is key to provide a caring approach.   

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Since 2001 I have been helping dentists with their systems and processes. From fee for service practices to PPO, I have helped identify inconsistencies and flaws in operations and created opportunities for growth and managing overhead. I invite you to contact me for a free consultation to see how I can help you and your team. You may also visit my testimonials page to learn more about me. 

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is a success.”
Henry Ford
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