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Candice Dental Consultant

Candice M. Herrera

Dental Business Manager and Advisor

Beautiful smiles and business are two things I love.  After high school, I attended Austin Business College, and then community college to pursue my business management degree. While attending, I set off to pursue my career in dentistry.

I was lucky enough to get hired into a private practice. A single doctor, hygienist, and insurance coordinator. The dentist was wonderful, fun, and spunky! Her patients and team loved her. From there, I worked in a large group practice where I sharpened my skills in coding and treatment planning.

As life continued, I had a beautiful son in 2002 and continued my venture in the dental community.  And yes, it’s been an exciting, stressful, and learning experience.  After seven years in training,  my passion for business management and smiles became a reality.  

I have had the wonderful opportunity to be mentored and trained by some Austin’s finest  dentists. We collaborated closely on business, patients, and creating unforgettable experiences.  I fully understand the true value for patient care and employee appreciation. 

My goal is to provide you with a unique and customized consulting experience that caters to your practice and specific needs. Building a relationship on integrity, honesty, and pure love for the field are just a few commitments I promise to uphold.

I look forward to the opportunity to help you take your practice to the next level.  Contact me today to see how I can help.

Core Values

Our clients needs come first in their journey to success. By providing a personalized approach and customized processes, we will help find your balance in your work & home life.


By incorporating your team into your vision and systematic approach, they place value in the practice and become invested in its success.



Finding balance in life is always a struggle. We must mentally prepare ourselves for practical and logical solutions that we can achieve and execute. We are committed to helping you!


Our belief that providing honest care, loyal camaraderie and open communication will provide us with the answers necessary for success.

About Us


“Words alone are insufficient to describe how much Candice’s loyalty and dedication mean to me–I could never adequately express my gratitude for her in words, there just aren’t enough. Her fun loving personality seriously kept me going.  I’ve enjoyed watching her grow as a leader and I’m looking forward to seeing more.  She was my confidant and reeled me in when I needed to be.  She’ll never know just how thankful I am that she walked into my life.  Not a day goes by when I’m not impressed with her skill and knowledge. I consider it an honor that she chose to work with me.  I could not give a higher recommendation for Candice in any endeavor she is pursuing.  She will bring value to any environment she becomes a part of.”  Visit Site
“I was looking for a person that could help me develop the business systems in my front office and help me manage day to day operations in my busy dental practice. Candice has been a tremendous asset in helping the practice with implementation of a better recall system and tightening up other front office systems so that things don’t slip through the cracks. She is thorough and detail oriented and is great at staying in touch with patients and making sure that the schedule is full & productive. She helped me transition from a single doctor practice into a two doctor practice. She has been extremely loyal and truly wants what is best for the practice.”  Visit Site
“I am a Dental Hygienist ( 41 yrs and counting), Candice was our office manager for over six years. I noticed her calm , professional demeanor right from the start. She is also a problem solver. Candice has the candid ability to diffuse a “difficult situation” with either a patient or staff member with an agreeable outcome. She is fair but focused on the ideals and philosophies that make an average practice outstanding. Personally, I will miss her infinite patience with me and my ” high tech” challenges- my being from the “older generation”.  Candice is a great IT person for bigger problems and needs, but also for those of us with “operator error” issues.  She will serve any practice well and I will miss her!”
“During my time working for Candice, she served as a Business Manager and I experienced firsthand the scope of her dedication to the practice. She truly and intimately understands the inner-workings of a dental practice, ranging from personnel and business matters to insurance and production (and everything in between). She has a unique talent to maximize production without stressing out the staff or taking away from patient care. I always felt calm and collected while working under Candice, and she made me feel at ease when I first joined the practice. I had zero experience in the dental industry and she trained me well and brought me up to speed quickly.  Perhaps most importantly, she has an undeniable, genuine passion for what she does, and it really shows.”
“I can’t emphasize how much you will be gaining with Candice as part of your team.  Her integrity and work ethic are unparalleled.  Candice’s knowledge in the dental field, her IT skills, and practice management surpass expectations.  I absolutely know that you guys will come to love her as much as we do and will come to value what she brings both on  business and personal levels.  Candice, I have found, is always willing to go the extra mile to help.  Aside from her outstanding professionalism she is a great friend,  a great co-worker, and truthfully a great counselor.  I know that in a short amount of time you too will come to realize this.  Please know that she is here to take care of you as a team, to help grow your practice and to serve as a friend, just as she did in all her time with us.”
“I was hired by Candice, and during the interview process she showed exceptional management skills and I was truly impressed by her demeanor in general. She is a very calm, collected individual and extremely professional at all times. I have come from both small and large offices in which I have worked as an assistant as well as an office manager.  She is not only thorough in her training but gives positive feedback on how you are doing and other possible ways to handle a situation that best suits you. My employers in the past have been on the negative side and never showed true appreciation for their employees but Candice’s management skills have a different and optimistic way of handling things. Your feedback as an employee is valued 100% and she makes an effort to make sure you are happy with where you are. I do believe that you will be happy with her and you will see great change in your working environment. Everything is team-based and there is no position in the office that another team member cannot and/or does not handle as well.”

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